Frequently Asked Questions

3D Casting

I would like training but I do not work in a hospital or hospice.

At this time we are not offering training to any individuals who do not work in a clinical role with bereaved families. 3D memorial casting, whilst primarily safe, is a process that requires experience working with deceased babies and knowledge of assessing skin integrity. We will not train parent-led services or charities and similarly can not offer advice or support to individuals for legal reasons.

If you are a professional life caster, with formal life casting training or significant professional experience, we can offer guidance, training and support to help you begin to offer a memorial and/or deceased casting service to your clients. For more information, please email [email protected]

How can I get 3D casting in my hospital or hospice?

When we partner with a hospital or hospice we’ll arrange a face to face training date or send you video files to arrange dates with smaller groups of staff. We then send all the equipment and materials you need. You’ll be trained to take moulds of baby’s hands and feet, and provided with all the instructions to send those to Judah’s Cloud HQ to be filled and finished before being returned to you or the baby’s family directly. Please contact us to join our waiting list or discuss casting in your hospital or hospice.

Is 3D casting safe?

Our 3D casting technique and materials are widely regarded as safe and used across the world by casting companies, artists and dentists. We create moulds of baby’s hands and feet by submerging them in an alginate solution. Alginate is not only skin safe but also biodegradable so is safe for the planet too! 

The delicate skin of babies who are premature or have passed away, however, can be difficult to work with. For this reason, we only allow healthcare professionals with prior experience of skin integrity to take moulds and make decisions on whether babies are appropriate for casting. We also use a variety of casting techniques and a release agent to create the safest process possible. We encourage staff to openly discuss the possible, but rare, risks of casting and all parents are asked to sign a consent form which outlines these risks also.

How long does it take to receive casts after they are being taken?

We aim to deliver all casts within 6-8 weeks of them being taken, which is an average amount of time for casting companies too. We do have some occasions where casts can take a little longer due to a higher than normal number of casts being completed or where volunteer numbers are limited (e.g. due to the covid pandemic or national holidays).

How will my casts be delivered?

We always hand-deliver casts and will not post or courier casts unless prearranged with parents and at their request. The casts we create are delicate and irreplaceable; parcels go missing or are damaged all the time and this is something we’d never want to happen. 

Currently, our casts are delivered directly back to families where possible to reduce unnecessary visits to hospitals during the Covid-19 pandemic. When we deem it to be safe, and in agreement with the hospitals and hospices we work with, we will deliver the casts back to the department they were taken in to arrange collection. 

Will my casts come in a frame?

We do not frame or paint casts metallic colours; all our casts are white and in a box. Framing 3D casts requires us to shave the back of the casts which is irreversible. We also know many families like to hold their casts and you may not fully know what you want until you hold them in your hands. However, we do have links to casting companies across the country who can frame your casts for a discounted fee. If you would like more information, please contact us. Judah’s Cloud takes no responsibility for any work done to the casts after parents receive them and does not profit from these services.

Can you make more than one cast from each mould?

Unfortunately, the mould we take is destroyed in the casting process so only one cast can come out of each mould. However, we have connections with casting companies who can copy casts for a fee. If you’d like more information about this please contact us. Judah’s Cloud takes no responsibility for any work done to the casts after parents receive them and does not profit from these services.


How do I get tiny clothing boxes in my hospital or hospice?

As with 3D casting, we currently run a waiting list for our tiny clothing boxes. Once you reach the top of the list you will be provided with a link to order new boxes as and when you need them. We ask that when joining the list you give us a rough estimate of the number you will need per year. We won’t hold you to this number and it won’t impact your position on the waiting list – but it does help us to plan and allocate our resources. Once you are partnered with us to provide tiny clothing we want to keep a constant supply for you, so knowing these figures in advance helps up to make sure we can continue doing this.

To join our waitlist, please email [email protected]

What sizes of clothing do you offer?

We currently offer tiny clothing in four sizes; Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large. All our clothing is smaller than widely available premature clothing so your first delivery will come with a size guide which can be reordered via your ordering page if you need another. Every baby is different and sizes will vary but our sizes are roughly;

  • XS – 18-22 weeks gestation, 180-350g approx
  • S – 22-25 weeks gestation, 400-600g approx
  • M – 26-31 weeks gestation, 750g-1.5kg approx
  • L – 31-34 weeks gestation, 1.5-2.2kg approx


Additional hats will now also be available to order to allow them to be swapped out for alternative sizes when required.

What colours and styles of clothing do you offer?

All our packs contain two identical sleepsuits and hats. These look similar to premature clothing in that they are fully accessible. Our sleepsuits have press studs across the arms, and down the torso and legs; allowing them to be completely opened and delicate babies placed on top to be dressed. We wanted to create something that was practical but felt like real clothing you’d dress your baby in if they were alive.

All our clothing comes in three colours; pink, blue and grey. Prints will vary and we like to offer some variety so parents have an option to choose from.

Do you hand make clothing?

All our clothing is now hand made by professional seamstresses. When we first started we had an army of incredible volunteers hand-making all our clothing at home. Whilst this was so special and so much love was poured into each outfit, sizing would sometimes vary and we simply couldn’t keep up with the demand. 

All our clothing is now proudly produced here in the UK by a small team of professional seamstresses, who also produce clothing for some great independent brands. We’re passionate about keeping this work based in the UK, where we can visit the workplace, oversee the quality and ensure an ethical working environment for everyone involved.

Do you share or sell you clothing patterns?

At this time we do not sell our clothing patterns or share them. We have worked incredibly hard to produce these patterns, which has taken years of research, trials, sample rounds and gaining feedback. Whilst we are encouraged that other charities and individuals would want our patterns, we’re also really proud of the production process and quality we produce, so it is important to us that we keep our patterns for our own use only. 

If you are a parent who would like clothing in your local hospital, please encourage a member of staff to contact us to arrange getting a supply. If you are looking to fundraise to help others get clothing, our boxes can also be donated in memory of a baby or babies and be directed towards a specific hospital, hospice or area. We’re also happy to contact hospitals or hospices to offer a supply if you would like us to on your behalf or if you would like to donate anonymously. 

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