3D Casting

Our 3D memorial casting programme combines the knowledge and expertise of clinical staff with the artistry of professional life casters. We train midwives, nicu nurses and other healthcare professionals to take moulds from babies before shipping them to our HQ where they are filled and finished to a high standard. The casts are then returned to the hospital after 6-8 weeks where they can be collected. This process ensures the safest service for everyone involved and provides a continuity of care when it is needed most. Whilst we love hearing feedback from families, we value professionalism and encourage contact to be via our hospital and hospice partners who have specialist training to support newly bereaved parents.

For more information about 3D casting, please visit our FAQ page.

All face to face training is postponed until further notice. In replacement, we are offering video training and online support. Casts are being delivered directly back to families instead of hospitals where possible and all moulds are being collected by a courier service. Please bear with us whilst we work in these difficult circumstances. 

We train midwives, nicu nurses and other healthcare professionals to take moulds from babies. These baby’s deaths could be classified as late miscarriage, stillbirth, compassionate induction, neonatal death etc. We don’t discriminate and as long as you work with bereaved families who have lost babies, we’d love to hear from you about partnering to offer your families this service. If you would like to find out more about starting 3D casting at your hospital or hospice, or to join our waiting list, please contact us.

  • We exist to offer bereaved families more memory making opportunities.

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